Millions of young athletes participate in sports across America on a daily basis.  Numerous volunteers give countless hours in coaching young athletes and in directing and hosting events.

While undeniably a noble pursuit there is an inherent risk involved in any athletic endeavor whether as an athlete, coach, bench personnel, administrator, instructor, manager, official, team leader, tournament director, volunteer, spectator, parent or event operator.

The AAU of the US, Inc. has attempted to address many of those inherent risks through a comprehensive insurance program that is second to none in the youth sport industry.  Since 1888, the AAU has been the leader in the amateur market in setting standards of protection.

The AAU’s insurance program is a benefit of membership and extends to those who are members of the AAU or affiliated with the AAU through its members.  Membership categories are athletes, non-athletes and clubs. 

The AAU insurance program is comprehensive in nature and provides protection for athletes while participating in competitions and practices, coaches while instructing, event operators while conducting sanctioned events, spectators while attending events, and facilities while partnering with AAU members, to name a few.

The AAU insurance program includes sports accident, general liability, extended coverage (A/B),  and insurance certificates (verification of insurance, third party addtl insured certificates).  Should anyone be involved in an incident they will need to file an incident report and then file a claim (sports accident form, non-member incident form, property damage form). The AAU also provides a detailed program summary

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