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INSTRUCTIONS    For Level 3 Club Membership
  How to Become an Affiliated Club Organization through the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S., Inc., Program.  

This program can ONLY be applied for online. ONLY unincorporated organizations and entities who DO NOT have a 501(c)3 tax exempt letter from the IRS may apply.

1. Review this entire process first, and follow these simple steps

2. Review these necessary forms: (A through F)
    a.   Review Articles of Organization <click here>
    b.   Review the Employer Identification Number EIN form, instructions,
          and sample <click here>
(You cannot use your Social Security Number) 
    c.   Review Request and Consent form    d.   Review Trademark agreement
    e.   Review Affiliated Club Form <click here>
    f.    Review the Frequently Asked Tax Exempt Questions.



 Gather the information to complete forms b,c, d, e, and f.  


Once you gathered the information to complete b,c, d, e, and f; click on the CLICK HERE button below completing steps 4-10.  

Key in adopted Articles of Organization

5. Key in the Request and Consent Form information

6. Key in the Trademark Agreement

7. Key in Affiliated Club Form

8. Enter Payment Information

9. Submit

10. Print all documents upon completion of this process
    a.   Articles of Organization
    b.   Request and Consent Form
    c.   Proof of Tax Exempt Status for your club


If you are renewing your AAU level 3 club membership use the same EIN number you used last year. Do not call the IRS to obtain a new EIN. You will keep the same EIN for the life of the club.

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