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Please Note: Overnight requests for Saturday delivery MUST be received no later than
1:00pm EST the Friday before.

To order, FAX or MAIL your order form (along with approved AAU event sanction info) to:

Contact Info Mailing Address
Pam Marshall AAU National Headquarters
407-934-7200 PO Box 22409
407-934-7242 fax Orlando, FL 32821 attn: Alex Linares


Award, Banner, and Ribbon Items:

National Championship Medals: Available for National Championships only
(Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper) See photo below
District Championship Medals: $6.32 per set*
(Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper) $2.52 each for individual medals
*set=gold, silver, bronze Available for District Championships and Regional events only
  See photo below for complete medal dimensions
"Sports For All, Forever": $1.99 per medal
(Gold, Silver, Bronze) Available for Invitational, League, Open, or Preliminary events only
  See photo below for complete medal dimensions
  (this medal is NOT to be used for a District Championship or Regional event)
Official AAU Banner: $35.00 per banner (vinyl)
(Vinyl) Available for all AAU sanctioned events
(Available in 3x8 feet sizes; Vinyl versions only) See photo below for complete banner dimensions & sizes
  (must be AAU sanctioned event)
$0.22 per ribbon. General or Sport Specific
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 'Merit' available

Shipping Information: All medal orders are assessed a handling fee of 10% of the total cost on orders LESS than $1,000 to cover the shipping cost (5% on orders of $1,000 or more). Banner orders' handling fee, 10% of the total will be used to cover shipping costs.

Orders that are received 15 working days or less prior to the event will be assessed a $40.00 late fee. In addition, if the order requires next day shipping or 2-day shipping, you must pay the shipping cost via credit card. NO C.O.D!!!

No refunds given - so accurately determine
your award needs!


Medal & Banner Photos
Size Comparison


2009 National Championship Medals:
[available for AAU National events only]

2009 District Championship Medals:
[available for AAU District events only]

small round
(Email for specific dimensions)

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"Sports For All, Forever"
[available for AAU District events]

small round

(2" diameter, 1-sided medal, color-filled RWB shield with RWB neck ribbon)

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Official AAU Banners

(available in 3x8 feet sizes; vinyl versions only)


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