Millions of young athletes and coaches participate in sports across America on a daily basis.

While undeniably a noble pursuit, there is an inherent risk involved in any athletic endeavor either as an athlete or a coach.

Sports Accident coverage is provided for properly registered athletes or non-athletes (i.e., coaches) who are injured during an AAU-License event, supervised practice or during the Extended Coverage Program (AB).

Who is Insured?

  • Athletes
  • Non-Athletes

What Activity is Covered?

  • Events approved/Licensed by AAU
  • Supervised Practices by AAU clubs/members
  • Extended Coverage Program (AB)
Coverage Limits
Excess Medical $50,000
Deductible for Athletes and Non-Athletes $300
Accidental Death & Dismemberment  $20,000 
Dental Insurance $5,000




*Please note: Coverage is excess medical and becomes primary only if there is no other coverage

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