The AAU insurance verification and certificate program was developed to confirm insurance coverage which is included as a benefit of membership.  These requests for verification and/or certificates must be initiated by the AAU member club for facilities, entities, venues, sponsors, and others.  

The verification of insurance may be used by member clubs to verify insurance coverage as a benefit of membership. 

The third party/additional insured certificate program provides a choice of certificates in four categories: practice, events, sponsor and extended (AB) coverage. 

Third party/additional insured coverage is limited to the facility named for the specific dates and duration of the stated event or practice, which should include set-up and break-down.

Verification of Insurance (formerly known as ‘Generic Certificate’)

Verification of insurance includes:

  • Specific club name will appear on the verification
  • A document that verifies club has insurance coverage from the date of enrollment to August 31st annually, as defined by the AAU policy
  • Extended coverage to an unnamed third party (if accepted by the third party)
  • Free - no charge
  • Documents Available 2 hours after AAU Club Membership purchase.

Third Party/Additional Insured Certificate(s)

Certificate includes:

  • Specific club name will appear on the certificate(s)
  • Specific names of the third party/additional insured (where requested)
    Example: John Q Public School, 123 Main St, Anywhere, USA 12345
  • Verification the club has coverage as defined by the AAU policy
  • Extending club’s coverage to the third party/additional insured 
  • Certificate types:
    • Practices
    • Events
    • Sponsor 
    • Extended Coverage (AB) 
  • Fees apply (see fee chart) 

Waiver of subrogation request:  This program may include waiver of subrogation if facility requires the member club to have such coverage.  Member club must request said coverage by submitting a copy of written agreement when applying for the certificate of insurance and pay the appropriate administrative fee.  For waiver of subrogation (coverage) to be in force, there must be a written facility contract executed prior to the date of the occurrence. 




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