Verification of insurance:  FREE.  Verification of insurance coverage is a benefit of AAU membership.

Waiver of subrogation request:  This program may include waiver of subrogation if facility requires the member club to have such coverage.  Member club must request said coverage by submitting a copy of written agreement when applying for the certificate of insurance and pay the appropriate administrative fee.  For waiver of subrogation (coverage) to be in force, there must be a written facility contract executed prior to the date of the occurrence. 

Third party/additional insured certificate(s):  This program is designed to provide member clubs the ability to obtain certificate(s).  The fee structure is based on requesting the third party/additional insured certificate(s) at least 30 days before coverage start date or incurring an expedite fee. 

Expedite Fees Waived Until Oct 1, 2015.

       Fee Expedite Fee  Total
Start Date is 31+ days from today $35  NA $35
Start Date is 16-30 days from today  $35 $65   $100
Start Date is 0-15 days from today  $35 $100  $135

To add on the waiver of subrogation coverage, the administrative fee is $35.00 and is added in the appropriate category above.  You must submit copy of written facility contract, permit, user agreement, etc with your request.

For the administrative fees listed above, you may request up to 200 third party/additional insured certificate(s) in one transaction.  If you do not list all requests on your initial submission, there will be a $30.00 administrative fee each time you return to list additional requests.

For each facility/entity over 200 there is an additional $10.00 administrative fee per facility/entity.
For each facility in the 200, requesting a waiver of subrogation, there is an additional administrative fee of $25.00 per facility.

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