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Welcome to the new Level 2 Club membership application process.

Because use of the AAU trademarks is one of the benefits of the Level 2 Club membership, clubs must agree to abide by the following policy. Please read the following trademark policy, click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page, and then continue on to the next page to complete the club application.

No refunds are issued for Clubs once accepted.

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Level 2 Club Membership Application


The AAU name, mark, seal, logo, and other insignia (all "AAU marks") are protected through trademark registration and are defined as the intellectual property of AAU. All use of the AAU’s intellectual property must have the prior and continued approval of the National AAU. Only those subordinates and affiliated organizations, which are recognized by the National AAU as being in good standing, may use the intellectual property of the AAU. The National AAU may withdraw such approval, in its sole discretion, and shall notify the subject user(s) to cease and desist use of AAU’s intellectual property. Unauthorized use or continued use of any of the intellectual property of the AAU after authorization has been withdrawn shall be a violation of this policy and may subject the member/entity to penalties as set out in the AAU Code.

  1. Only currently chartered Districts, District Sport Committees of the said Districts, or approved Sport Committees of the National AAU, or any District or National Sport Committee under the direction of the National AAU may use the name AAU in their legal names.
  2. There are three (3) levels of clubs within the AAU, which may be considered to be Affiliated Organization(s) of the AAU, subject to the written approval of the AAU, which may be withheld in its sole discretion. Level 1 AAU Affiliated Organization acquires no rights to use AAU’s intellectual property. Level 2 or Level 3 Affiliated Organization may use AAU’s intellectual property for promotion of its organization and/or its sanctioned AAU events only. Affiliated Organizations may not use the name AAU in their legal names.
  3. In the event of any dispute or conflict as to a member’s/entity’s claim(s) to use any of the intellectual property of the AAU, the AAU shall decide and determine same in its sole discretion.
  4. The Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. Inc. has a limited license agreement with the United States Olympic Committee with regard to use of the terminology "Junior Olympics." The AAU does not grant the right to any subordinates, any affiliated organization, or any other entity to use the terminology "Junior Olympics" except as defined in this agreement.
  * I have read and agree to the above statement for the USE OF AAU TRADE MARKS.
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