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NOTE: ALL adults must fill out their own application. Adults are subjected to a background screening which can take 5-10 business days to complete and must authorize this themselves; you CANNOT authorize a background screening for someone else. Youth memberships are not subject to background screenings.
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Background Screening (Adult Members Only)

Why a background screening?

The application screening process will impact all adult athlete/non-athlete applicants. Adult members will be screened yearly when applying for a membership as part of the application process. Applications will not be approved instantaneously and applicants must consent to a background screening. Each adult (athlete and non-athlete) applicant must complete their own application. Depending on the results, the applicant may be required to submit additional information (estimated turnaround time could be as long as 5-10 business days). You will not be able to participate in any AAU practices or authorized events until you have received your membership. Only youth athlete memberships will process instantly.

For more details on the background screening process and answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Be Prepared page.

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This form must be completed by the person whose electronic signature is affixed to this Disclosure and Consent/Authorization.

The Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc. ("AAU") may obtain information about you from a third party reporting agency (an agency that performs criminal background screenings) for membership purposes and to permit you to volunteer with/for the AAU. Thus, you may be the subject of one or more criminal background screenings/reports. Criminal background reports may contain information regarding your criminal history, social security verification, or other background screenings. The AAU will not request your credit history. The scope of this notice and authorization is all encompassing, allowing the AAU to obtain from any outside organization all manner of criminal background reports now and throughout the term of your membership to the extent permitted by law.

AAU will obtain criminal background reports on all adult members and/or adult applicants on (approximately) an annual basis. If you purchase a multi year membership, your consent herein will remain in effect throughout your membership. AAU may obtain criminal background reports on all multi year members at or around the start of each new year of a multi year membership and/or at such other times throughout your membership as may be permitted by law in the sole discretion of the AAU. As a result of all of the foregoing, you should carefully consider whether to exercise your right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any criminal background report acquired by the AAU.


I acknowledge receipt of the DISCLOSURE REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION and A SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT and certify that I have read and understand both of those document(s). I hereby authorize the obtaining of criminal background screenings/reports by the AAU at any time after receipt of this authorization and throughout my membership, if applicable. To this end, I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), or information service bureau, to furnish any and all background information requested by LexisNexis Screening Solutions Inc., P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, GA 30348 5108,1 800 845 6004, another outside organization acting on behalf of the AAU, and/or the AAU itself. LexisNexis® Screening Solutions Privacy Policy can be accessed at I agree that a facsimile ("fax"), electronic or photographic copy of this Authorization, including my electronic signature, shall be as valid as an/the original.

I acknowledge that my membership and the opportunity to volunteer/participate with the AAU is contingent upon the AAU's approval after reviewing the criminal background screenings/reports obtained by AAU as well as my continued adherence to AAU's policies, procedures, and applicable federal, state, and local laws. I hereby release, indemnify, save and hold harmless the AAU and its officers, directors, members, employees, attorneys, and agents from any and all liability, claims, or demands by me or my heirs and/or representatives arising out of any criminal background screenings/ reports obtained and/or used by the AAU in connection with both my application for membership and/or to volunteer with/for the AAU and any resulting membership with and/or volunteer services to/for the AAU.

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Membership in the AAU is a privilege granted by the AAU. It is not a right. The AAU at its sole discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant(s) for membership.

Membership in any category may be granted only after an application is submitted and approved. By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to comply with all the provisions of the AAU Code, including its constitution, bylaws, policies, procedures, regulations, and rules.

* I accept all terms and conditions for this AAU membership application as laid out by the AAU code book (available here) and this application.

* I hereby certify that all information I have provided is accurate, my name (below) is correct, and I am authorized to apply for membership for the person in this application.

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